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Whatever brought you to visit my website today, WELCOME!


As you browse through you'll see that I like to play, I love to learn and share life as I see it with YOU. ENJOY! 


I'm quite an introspective type with a sarcastic twinkle in my eyes, I love to live and experience other lives beside my own and understand more about human nature and be part of our evolution. 


I'm originally from Milan, ah yes La Bella Italia! I cherish my culture deeply and yes I love pasta and espresso. 


I'm very grateful to my parents who taught me to always think with my own head which allowed me to not shy away from my own fiercely independent nature and live the life I want to live.




On the grind.

Oxford year 2 has ended and I shall be collecting my Diploma in Creative Writing next March...Oxford here I come!

Thank you to the wonderful teachers and the irreplaceable Cherwell cohort for their support, talent and inspiration.

Signed up for Heidi Marshall's genre class. Can't wait!

Juicy auditions coming my way, thanks to my team who's always hard at work! 🥰


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Something about me


I'm an experiment.

I'm in this life


I hope to stay curious,

I fight to stay open

I'm willing to leap into the unknown

I'm scared of my own fears

I promise I'll regret nothing.

VO Commercial demo Italian - Laura Lamberti
VO Commercial demo English - Laura Lamberti

© 2022 Laura Lamberti

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